Some times things get very busy around here.


    As I am sure most special needs mommas can relate.  There are times things get very busy and it seems there isn’t  enough hours in the day.  But some how we manage to get it all done.  Last week was one of those weeks.

     When you have a child with sensory issues every day decisions become a lot harder.  Due to the all the driving I now have to do, since we’ve now added two to three days of day care a week ( more on that later) has forced me to buy a new car.  I loved my pathfinder, but my pocket book didn’t.  Side note if you need a good suv.. go for the older model pathfinders, their awesome if you don’t need to do a lot of city driving.   But back to the car.  I was spending 60 dollars a week in gas.   My husband and I came to the decision that I had to get rid of it and get something that got better gas mileage.   It had to happen right now.  We couldn’t wait.   But when you have a sensory child it gets harder.  Would Aryn like the new car?  how long would it take for her to adjust?  Is she gonna miss the sun roof that the old one had.  It has to be comfortable, it has to be warm, since we live in a area where it snows, I have to be able to see her so I can speak to her.    Lucky for me Aryn was very happy with the new car, And since I couldn’t put her in the middle like she’s rode since the day she was born, I thought she’d have a melt down.  But the new found freedom of being able to look at the window has been the best thing ever for her.  When I went to finish the paperwork the old pathfinder was still parked out front and she told me it’s Aryn’s car.  So I had to explain that it wasn’t our car anymore.  Our new car was our car.  I think she’s finnally accepted that the new car is ours.   And I wont lie.  Having a nice sedan has been awesome.  I forgot how nice they were and comfy.  I am very very happy and it seems the rest of the family is too. =)

                  Back to Aryn and day care.  Aryn started daycare back in September.  Partly because I needed to be able to go to doctors appointments and not drag her along and partly because there are no kids her age in the neighborhood.   She needed the interaction she’ll be starting preschool next year and needed to get use to how that all works.  We were very lucky to find an in home daycare that is certified.  But it was on the other side of town.  But when it comes to your kids you do what is best for them.   Miss Amy is amazing and has deal with many kids with special needs.  She adores Aryn and Aryn loves being there.   Well after I can convince her to go in the morning.

                   The thing with Aryn unlike most sensory kids ( that’s what I am calling it now) is she appears very normal a lot of the time. I hope I don’t offend but it’s important understand the next part of this.  Since her speech issues are mostly hearing related and she never really regressed it just took her a bit to catch up, it doesn’t fit the mold.  It comes as quiet a shock when she does those sensory behaviors.  Those things that make people stare at you and wonder what is wrong with your kid.  Those things that just break your heart because you know she can’t control it.  The food issue is a big one. When Aryn started daycare she refused to eat anything at daycare.  Nothing I brought nada. She’d happly drink her milk.  It took a good month to just get her to eat cereal. But when you’re not use to seeing that, the food strikes because things changed it’s really concerning.  Hell I hate it too, but I know it’s part of what’s going on and I can’t force the issue.  I can only make sure she gets enough of what she needs during the day and move on.  Or when she has a total melt down, it’s important we watch her so she doesn’t hurt herself.  she’s not violent but she gets so upset she doesn’t pay attention and runs into things or throws herself down.  And those melt downs require some one to hold her till she’s calm no matter how much she resist it. 

      But happily she’s adjusting well to daycare.  It’s help her speech so  much more then her speaking with us adults.  In the past few weeks she’s become easier to understand. she seems much calmer the days she’s home.  And she even told me the other day about how the kids had Chicken nuggets.  She didn’t eat them but she told me about it.  So there is hope eventually she’ll start eating with the rest of the kids at daycare. Amy and I believe it’s just to much sensory stimulus going on during lunch that she just can’t deal with it.  So she eats her lunch I bring her while the other kids are napping and then sleeps on the couch while the other kid sleep in the day care area.  It’s not perfect but it works.  Some days we have a wonderful transition to the car some times not so much.  But when we can’t leave daycare without a fuss it’s a big celebration. I hate having to leave her there till 5.  Since most days I don’t really need that much time.  But with sensory kids schedules are very important.  I am so happy with the progress she’s made.   We still have good days and bad days.  But the good days are getting a lot more Awesome.   Hearing her talk more is pretty much the best thing ever.  



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