Writing prompt : “You ruined me… I plan on returning the favor”

                             ” Eric Maza for your   crimes..” The doors closed behind Jessica and Anthony cutting off their access to the proceedings.  He helped her with her coat and led her down the hallway to the small courtyard. The tension between the two was visible for the first time all night.  In the privacy of the courtyard he let go of her arm, without a word moving away from here settling against the archway.  She rubbed her face in utter frustration.

                      “Is this what we are gonna do now? We were engaged once, remember?” She huffed at him.

                     ” We were, but you… “

                      “You were gone, Let me remind you of that.” She was far less calm then she would normally be.  The fact of this was not lost on Anthony.  She crossed the distance between them in a matter of seconds.  “I did what I was ordered to do, in your absence, to regain control of your chantry.”  Her anger and disappointment bled from every word that escaped her lips.

                       “You didn’t have to do it so well my dear”  Until the proceeding Anthony had no idea how much she suffered at the hands of Eric.  For the first time he let himself just look at her and remember the woman he loved.  He realized she had hidden it all from him because she had to.  She gingerly took his hand, expecting him to pull away.

                          ” Anthony, I love you.  I am well aware of the hurt I caused you, and I can’t make it right.  One day maybe you will forgive me?”  their eyes met

                        ” Jessica…”   A man entered from the hallway.

                       ” Ms. Blackrose, your presence is needed. Regent Bishop you’re free to go.”   Anthony watched as she walked away.  He was gravely concern of what was waiting for her.

                     Eric and the council were waiting in the room.

                  ” Ms Blackrose, the council would like to extend their gratitude and deepest appreciation for you integrity and diligent work   that has led us here today. We recognize the personal cost you have endured to ensure the conviction of Mr. Maza.  Because of this we assign you the position of Astor with all the rights and responsibilities effective immediately”  the room fell silent broken only by the gasp of Eric. As he realized he would not leave this room alive.   The elders filed out, each offering their congratulations, the doors closed behind her leaving just the two of them.  His eyes darted around the room looking for anyway to escape. Her lips twisted in to a devilish smile walking towards him. Amused as she watched him struggle against the wards put in place to hold him there.  Straddling his lap she leaned in whispering in his ear.

                    ” I killed her you know, night before last.” The sweet aroma of his wife’s perfume surrounded him.   ” I took great pains to treat her exactly as you have treated me.  It was only fair.  She died believing you no longer loved her.” she pushed the hair from his eyes ” It’s hard to say what killed her first. The heart break or the sunrise.”  she stood up palming him in the chest knocking him to the ground chair and all.

                        “It’s ironic, don’t you think.  I became the very thing you tried to pass your whore lackeys off as…. Oh and before I forget”  She produced a small pouch and tossed on his chest, dust spilling from it covering him a ring fell to the ground beside him.  He cried out in terror echoing thru the room and spilled out into the hallway.  ” I thought the two of you would like to be together in your final moments.  I couldn’t imagine knowing your about the die alone and cold.  What a horrific way to go.  Could you?  Of course not that would just just criminal.”  Electricity arched off her body as she turned away from him. a lighting bolt flashed between his legs, another one just above his head.

                              ” You took everything away from me!  you imprisoned my and left me to die you sick fuck.  You of all people knew how much a suffered and used it against me. And for what, so you could play king for the day.  So you could have what Anthony had.  you would never be him, you could never be him.  And now there is nothing left of what we all built.  Your selfishness and  need to be the center of attention destroyed it all. ”  she turned from him the room fell silent.  “But what I can’t forgive.  You took Anthony from me. consider this returning the favor.” fire flew from her hands, engulfing him in flames.  “you will die known as a trader and you’ll will be remembered for worthless piece of shit you are.”

                        She picked up her coat and walked out of the room. closing the doors behind her she fell to her knees, tears streaming down her face as she attempted to collect herself. the sounds of his agony would be forever etched in her memory.  She didn’t notice Anthony till he reached out his hand to her.

                       ” come with me, you shouldn’t be alone tonight” he pleaded. She took his hand allowing him to help her up,collapsing into his arms. He helped her to the waiting car.  She didn’t say a word just laid in his lap as he stroked her hair.  In the morning she was gone leaving just a simple note.

                                 ” I’m sorry”