Gut punch literally

There was really nothing to prepare me for the news I received when I arrived at my post op appointment.  The surgery that was suppose to stop all that was going wrong with my body and allow me to finally move forward and reclaim my life.   I wasn’t really concern when I walked in there, but as I waited I got a knot in my tummy, I was tense and worried.     I would soon find out that I was right.  But first I need to take you back about ten years.   ( this dose contain a lot of icky women stuff… you have been warned)

A few years after Jayde was born I started having issues.  Missing periods here and there.  this progressed to unbelievable pain in my right side.  By the time we got to Fort Campbell it wasn’t uncommon for me to take multiple trips to the Er to figure out what was wrong and to get medication to control the pain.  And I was told it was so many different things. But no one really every looked farther then that.   The only real issue  I had was kidney stones.  We wanted to try for another kid and after almost  a year of trying with no baby I started to see the obgyn on post.. and yet again I was met with it’s PCOS, Its cysts, its this it’s that.  But there was never any solid proof.   In 2008 I was finally pregnant, in July of that year at 15 weeks I lost the baby.   I had what was called a missed  miscarriage,  And shortly after that I began to bleed uncontrollably, I had to have a blood transfusion and emergency surgery to stop it.  No one once question why this happened.  Didn’t even bother to look into it.   As this was going on my periods were starting to get heaver and heaver and the pain was getting worse and worse.   But they were still regular.   I got pregnant with Aryn in April of 2009.   My kidneys were horrible I spend  more then a few nights at the hospital because of it.   When I went into labor Aryn never moved down, And after 20 hours of trying  I had to have an emergency C- section.   After I had Aryn my periods went from bad to worse.  They were often debilitating.  It wasn’t uncommon for me to spend the first day or two in a daze due to blood loss, this was followed by cramps worse then labor.  Which would cause me to do nothing else but lay in bed.   It had made me become very  anemic.  It took 8 months at 650 mgs a day to get me back up to a low normal.

Now that we are up to speed.  My doctor got me in with a very good OBGYN.    Within the first visit it had been decided that  I would have surgery as soon as possible.  He had noticed that I couldn’t fully empty my bladder when I was having a U/S as part of my pre op.   I went to the bathroom several times to try to empty it, and I went but it never fully empty.   It was then he decided along with the surgery  I was already being getting, he would do some exploratory surgery and see if the bladder issues and pain in my right side were related.  He figured at most there was probably some scar tissue that was causing the issue, and had told us that before I was put under for my surgery.  After scaring the fuck out of the Anaseastalogist (spelling), everyone forget to inform him that I had a history of going into respiratory arrest while under.  But I did well and had no issues breathing once I was under.   My surgery went well and I was on my way home that day.    I noticed that I was much more swollen than I should of been.  So I knew he had to of found something or fixed something when I was under.  Sadly he had to leave before I was awake.   So we didn’t get to talk to him about what he found.     Thanks to the Great White Death.. aka the storm we got right before the polar vortex came along.   I wasn’t able to  see my doc till this week.

As so as he walked in with a stack of papers I knew something was really wrong.    The good news.  The Ablation was a success and my uterus was very healthy.  I should have any more issues with bleeding.   For those that don’t know what it is.  They destroy  the lining of your uterus so you  either wont have a period or it will be so light you’ll hardly notice.    The bad news was there were adhesion on the outside.   Two of which he was able to deal with and release.   Then came the bad news.  he discovered that my uterus was fussed to my abdomen wall.  From the very top to the very bottom.   And the fusion is so bad that the only way it can be repaired is to have a partial hysterectomy. The good news I will have all the important parts, so I wont have to take hormons.   But still I can’t get over how I have to loose a perfectly good part of my body because some one couldn’t of taken the time all those years to say, hey maybe we should look into this a little deeper.   We don’t know how it happen and when, only that it’s been going on for such a long time it’s impossible to removed.  *sighs*

We’re done having kids.   So at least it wont effect that.   But the idea of having to have yet another surgery.   In which the recovery time is so much longer, isn’t what I wanted to hear when I walked into post op.   I am looking at least a month I wont be able to work, maybe a bit longer since work for me requires a lot of standing. I’m just not a happy girl right now.