Rebirth and moving forward.

 So the last few months have been some what of a blur for me.  I had been fairly ill and thought it was due to  a Thyroid  issue that I had in the past.   My doctor I see for ADHD decided to run some test to make sure.  Good news it wasn’t my thyroid, bad news my iron was so low she was honestly shocked I could even walk let alone function like nothing was wrong.   So I have just about being doing nothing at all since May.  Missed a number of photography club shoots in the process.  Which makes me sad. I miss shooting with those peeps.  Health has to come first. =(   But in the mean time I’ve had a bit to think about where I wanted Blackrose Photography to go in the future and what it was a really wanted to shoot. 

     The photography clubs I belong to have given me access to local models and other photographers who have been so kind to share their expertise and some times their batteries.  All of this showed me how much i really love glamour photography. I love the make up and the clothing and  building a whole shoot around an idea.    The support I have gotten from friends in the photography community  to move forward with this idea has been outstanding and so wonderful.   And I thank them.  Especially Debra and Christina.. Who seem to be my biggest cheerleaders, and amazing friends.

    The summer will be spent reading and prepping and shooting new shots to fill a portfolio worthy of the work I want to continue to do from now on.   I am extremly excited to be moving forward with all of this.