Stranger things have happen

I never thought I would be righting a post like this. About a month ago I was contacted by a women whom was helping a friend in Southern California look for her half siblings. As most of you know, I was adopted in a close adoption pretty much directly after I was born. My parents didn’t have a ton of information at the time. They told me all they could before they both passed away. Or rather as much as they would tell anyone at the age I was. Maybe there was more information, but I was too young to ever think to ask any questions. It wasn’t a concern of mine. I was happy and loved my family. That being said, I had provided my information to adoption sites, I wanted to get the medical history that had been missing all along. It was this information that lead my half sister to me.

Needless to say Matthew and I were shocked. I’m 32 years old and pretty much gave up any hope of getting that medical information ever. Let alone be staring at a picture of my Biological Mother, and knowing she is my mom. I am the spitting image of my biological mom. About a week ago myself and my half sister took a DNA test. While it was pretty set that we were related I felt that it was the best thing to do with all parties involved. That DNA test came back 89.9 % which is the best that they could do without Parental DNA. My biological mom died in 2001. I’ve found out a lot of information in a very short time and sadly has left me with more questions then answers. The problem with searching is you might find out some things your not sure you want to know. For know my focus is on the move and getting to know those members of my Biological family whom which want contact with me. There are still other siblings that are still being looked for. It would seem I am from a very big family.. I am one of 4 siblings. =)

But for now.. I have a new sister I am getting to know and a niece and Nephew back in cali.

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