Insanity and me!

I finally let Matt convince me to do insanity with him. Have I lost my mind.. Probably but eh. After nearly two years of struggling with my health I am finally at a place where I can go back to working out. Something I missed a lot while I was dealing with my health issues. I started slow doing ballet in the beginning of the year and it went very well. So I figured what the heck lets try insanity.

Of course I had to wait to make sure I didn’t puss out. Now that I’ve done the first month I can talk about it. =) So what can I say about it. It’s hard, really hard, but it works. It will push you both physically and mentally. You will sweat a lot, drinking enough water during the day is imperative. The first week is gonna hurt and hurt a lot. There is just no way around this. You’re body isn’t use to that kind of work out and it’s gonna be very sore. the longer the stick with it the better the soreness will be. I am pretty sure that first week is a breaking point for most. But if you can push through you’ll be glad you did. the more you do it you’ll notice, your getting stronger, my flexible, and feel better. I hate it but I love it. This work out is what you put into it. If you don’t give 110% don’t expect 110% results.

My personal tips: Push but know when too much is too much
Do the first month over again if you can’t do all the exercises, I think that really is the key to getting good results. If you can’t do the exercises then how do you expect results. So it might take more then 60 days, so what, its about doing something good for your body.

Don’t eat before working out.. you will see your food again.. I’d say 2 hours min before hand.. more if the meal is pretty heavy.

It does come with a pretty good meal plan… if you follow it you’ll probably see better results but I don’t think it’s necessary. As long as you’re eating well and within you calories for the day.

Currently I have a “2 lb” loss since I started. But this might not be accurate. ( I’m a girl so you do the math). We’ll see after this week what the real weight loss is.

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